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Have you just booked your stay and you have no idea on what to do in Terracina? No problem: we are here to help you plan your own personalized tour.

In this mini guide we will tell you some about of our best landmarks and activities that you can do after you unpack your bags.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Here is a brief overview of the places we will tell you about:
● Temple of Jupiter Anxur
● Old Town
● Excursions
● Getaways
● Spare time

Temple of Jupiter Anxur

A true must-see of your holiday in Terracina, the Temple of Jupiter Anxur is considered the number one landmark of our town. If you’re wondering why, keep reading.

The true essence of this location is encased in a mix of emotions that only the temple can give you.

Imagine submerging yourself in the history of ancient Romans, of Gods, and why not, of love.

The tour inside the temple is a historic journey in the ruins of the ancient buildings ending with a panoramic view of the city of Terracina. Discover the ruins of the Old Via Appia, displayed in Piazza del Municipio, the Capitolium, the wonderful Roman Theatre recently brought back to light, the Foro Emiliano and many other suggestive historical places while walking through the old alleyways.

Now picture a sunset on the sea, a breathtaking view starting from San Felice Circeo mountain and ending for those who are lucky (during the clearest of days), on Mount Vesuvius.  Now you know that you have gifted an unforgettable memory to those who are accompanying you…. Now you can continue your trip through the history and the romance that only the Old Town Centre can give you.

Old Town Centre

If you have just finished your visit of the Temple of Jupiter Anxur, now it’s the time to continue your tour in the Old Town of Terracina.

It’s true, we are sure that right now you are thinking “The view from the temple is hard to beat, is there anything else still to discover?

The answer is yes, absolutely! Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Old Town of Terracina: the Cathedral, the historical ruins, the museums, the Via Appia, the Roman Theatre, the Walls, the glimpses of the town and the sea, the whole history of Terracina told by the inhabitants of the old town, sitting on a bench resting.

Between the alleyways you can enjoy an amazing aperitif with local products in one of the picturesque establishments located in the main square and around the alleys.

So if you want to discover and enjoy the soul of Terracina, you absolutely have to wander through the alleyways of the Old Town Centre. Between other things, we suggest the bakery of Agnesina: the perfect place to taste the tradition of Terracina with its old recipes and unique flavours that only his bakery can give you.


Not only history, culture and local food. The area of Terracina offers a rich choice of experiences in nature.

Surrounded by mountains, the city offers unlimited opportunities to explore to those who love nature.

From a picnic with a view on the natural monument of Campo Soriano to a mountain walk on Mount Leano or Mount Romano, the possibilities are endless.

You have to aim your compass, everything else will be taken care by the land of Terracina!

Day trips

Not just Terracina. If you love discovering new things, other than history, the attractions, the sea and the relax that only a holiday in Terracina can give you, you also have the chance to enjoy many day trips that will make your holiday even better.
Out of the most requested, we suggest:

  • Day trip to the Islands of Ponza, Palmarola and Ventotene: sun, relax, clear sea and sail boat tours are the main elements for a great day.
  • Visit the town of Sermoneta : another important piece of history and magic of our area. Travel back in time inside the Caetani Castle and enjoy a nature walk inside Ninfa Gardens, considered some of the most beautiful gardens in Italy. While in the gardens, you will have the chance to walk through numerous kinds of plants from all over the world (such as Asian Maple Trees, some kind of plants that grow in the Amazon Forest, Bamboos and many other) as some ruins (such as the vestibule of the Santa Maria Maggiore Cathedral, where in 1159 Alexander III, fleeing Rome and Frederick Barbarossa’s troups, became Pope).
  • Sperlonga: one of the most characteristic and beautiful town of the whole nation, only a short drive away from our hotel. Enjoy a day walking through the alleyways, the panoramic views on the bay and tasting the amazing fresh seafood dishes that the local restaurants cook with care, devotion and experience that only those who live there can offer you. Wander through the vineyards thanks to the Sperlonga Experience and Wine Tasting Tour or visit the archeology museum and find out about the local history!
  • San Felice Circeo: the romantic town few minutes away from Terracina that can host the perfect evening after a relaxing day spent between the beach and the pool.

Free time

Did you run out of energy and want to relax with a shopping afternoon or a relaxing evening?

Enjoy a walk in the town centre: in the main roads you will be able to access to an open air shopping centre made of historical boutiques and all kinds of shops.

The best restaurants in the centre will be the starter of your evening in one of the many venues that define Terracina’s nightlife. The best local djs will be the soundtrack to complete your evening. If you are looking for a calm night with your family, the Old Town Centre is the best location: great meat and seafood restaurants , the square and Caffè del Duomo (one of the best places to enjoy a gelato in Terracina), are the best ingredients for a relaxing evening.

Would you like to receive more information on the activities and attractions you have just discovered? Here are some useful links to plan your tour:

Moreover, once in the hotel, you can ask our reception staff all the information you need to plan your free time in Terracina the best way you can. Sure enough, you can also take part to events, exhibitions and much, much more!

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Old Town Centre
Ninfa Gardens
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